GTA 4 Cheats Codes 2022 (With Many New Cheats Code)

As well as that, every game gets fame for a specific time and at that time millions of people download and play the game on their mobile phones and PCs. At this time, GTA 4 Cheats game is famous worldwide and millions of people play this game on their mobiles. A good game attracts the huge traffic of the world towards it.
Moreover, most people see GTA 4 cheat codes game specifications like its graphics. On the other hand, they also see the size of the GTA money glitch game and its popularity, the missions GTA iv cheats game. Furthermore, they also see the vehicle and weapons of the GTA liberty city game. In any cheats game, all cheats codes are available.
In addition to this, most people don’t have time to play the GTA 4 mods game and do its mission step by step. At this time, grand theft auto iv cheat codes game is available for those people who don’t have to play the game step by step. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t complete any mission of liberty gun then they play cheats.

As well as that we also provide the all GTA games in our website. If your are the lover of GTA games and want to play on your mobile phone or Pc. So here we also provide GTA 5 lite Apk for our customer. Moreover GTA 6 is also available. On the other hand, if you want to play the original GTA SA Apk game we also provide that games. These all games are very famous and get a lot of fame.

GTA 4 cheats


Weapons 1486-555-0150
Weapons 2486-555-0100
Change Weather468-555-0100
Raise Wanted Level267-555-0150
Remove Wanted Level267-555-0100
Health, Armor, and Ammo482-555-0100
Song Information948-555-0100
Spawn Cognoscenti227-555-0142
Spawn Comet227-555-0175
Spawn Annihilator359-555-0100
Spawn Burrito826-555-0150
Spawn Double T245-555-0125
Spawn FIB Buffalo227-555-0100
Spawn Hakuchou245-555-0199
Spawn Hexer245-555-0150
Spawn Innovation245-555-0100
Spawn Jetmax938-555-0100
Spawn NRG-900625-555-0100
Spawn Sanchez

Cheats Codes

Open The Cell Phone Menu

Apart from this, all cheat codes of GTA 4 online game are dialed with the cell phone that is already available in GTA 4 car cheats game. Moreover, the use of the Nico phone is very simple. First, press up on the keyboard of your phone. After that, you can easily access the Niko phone that is available in grand theft auto: episodes from liberty city game.

gta4 weather cheat

How To Dial Cheat Codes

Moreover, many people didn’t know how to dial cheat codes when play GTA muscle cars games on mobile phones or PCs. As well as that, you put a cheat code of faggio GTA game that is available in many numbers that looks like a phone number. After entering the code of stardew cheats game, you can easily access your things.

gta 4 apc cheat

Weapons 1

First, here we talk about the weapons that are available in categories that are provided by the Rockstar company in ps4 airplane games. First, here you can use a knife, pistol, Pump, Micro SMG, Combat Sniper, which are the best weapons of gta4 cheats game. Even so, these all weapons are mini weapons of GTA 4 cars game.
Cheat Code

Weapons 2

Second, if we talk about the weapons 2 of the GTA LCS game are Grant baseball bat, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, SMG, Combine Rifle, RPG. These all weapons are also mini weapons of GTA liberty city stories cheats game that is used for one person fights or mini fights of GTA iv cheat codes 2022 game.
Cheat Code

Most Used Features

Raise Wanted Level

As well as that, most people want to rise their wanted level in armored car GTA 4 game then they fight with the people. Moreover, when the police of gta4 mods game come and want to catch him then he also fights with the police. Without a doubt, here they want a level rise. If you want to rise to the wanted level without a fight then put that code.
Cheat Code

Remove Wanted Level

At this time, if you are tired of fighting with GTA 4 liberty city police then you can easily save lives and decrease your wanted level in GTA 4 liberti citi game. Along with that, a lot of people didn’t know the cheat’s code, so they wanted to escape from the police. At that moment, they commit many crimes without knowing.
Cheat Code

Change The Weather

Furthermore, if you want to change the weather of GTA 4 liberty city cheats game it is so easy. As well as that, all the people have their different choices. Some of them like the cold and snowy weather in GTA iv trianer and a lot of people like the sunshine and hot weather of GTA slamvan. Even so, to meet the customer demand, the company provides both features.
cheat code


On the other hand, this is the amazing feature of cheats gta4 game. As well as that, this character is used in many English movies. This is a dangerous-looking GTA iv cheats 2022 game. Furthermore, this character gets a lot of fame and love from the public that is why all movies are hit in which this character is used.
Cheat Code

Max Health And Ammo

As well as that, if you are fighting with your enemies or cops of grand theft auto iv cheat codes 2022 game and want to increase your health level so don’t worry you can easily max the health of your character in GTA 4 car cheats 2022 game. On the other hand, you also increase the ammo of your weapon that you are using in gta4 two player game.
Cheat Code

Song Information

Moreover, everyone hears the song in their home, vehicle, and many places. As well as that, to see the tradition of hearing the song GTA iv onlain also provides this feature. You can also hear your favorite song in GTA 4 lost and dammned game. In addition to this, you can easily make an album and put in it all your favorite songs that you want to play the vehicle of gay tony GTA 4 game.
Cheat Code

Cheats Code For Vehicles And Weapons

Bullet GT Car

At this time, GTA 4 money cheat codes game provides the bullet GT car that is most famous for its speed. On the other hand, this tank cheats GTA 4 car has many features. When you drive this car you get a good experience with sports cars. You can’t find it easily in GTA 4 super jump cheat game. After putting in the code you can use it.
Cheat Code

cheat codes for gta iv

Turismo Car

Second, this car is another sports car and has great speed in it. Moreover, gta4 cheaty games provide the Turismo car. On the other hand, many game developers provide sports cars but you can find this car in GTA 4 cheatas game. In addition, the car of gta4 cheatts looks like a Ferrari car that is famous for its speed and amazing look.
Cheat Code

Spawn Buzzard Helicopter

As well as that, if you are a lover of GTA 4 chesta helicopters and want to drive but don’t have the money and capacity to drive it in real life. Even so, don’t worry, the gta4 chearts game provides you with a helicopter that looks real and you can enjoy the drive of the helicopter in GTA 4 dheats game. Moreover, if you don’t have a vehicle, you put that code for a helicopter.
Cheat Code

Spawn Parachute

On the other hand, when you get a high jump in GTA 4 cheatr game and when you land you need the parachute with the help of a cheat code you can find this parachute in GTA 4 cets game. Moreover, with the help of this parachute, you can easily land on the earth of GTA 4 mycheats game.
Cheat Code

gta 4 invincible cheat

Spawn NRG900

Moreover, if you are a lover of sports bikes and want to find these bikes in the GTA four cheat codes game, don’t worry there GTA 4 Lambo cheat game provide all types of sports bike that is famous for their huge speed and charming look. As well as that, NGR900 is only used in GTA 4 map cheats.
Cheat Code

Spawn Burrito

As well as that, if you are a lover of driving new and amazing vehicles of infernus GTA 4 cheat game. Even so, when you drive a Burrito vehicle it looks like a van but it has amazing speed in GTA 4 how to dial numbers game. Most people drive this GTA cheats iv game for an adventure.
Cheat Code

Spawn Hakuchou Bike

On the other hand, Hakuchou bikes have amazing speed in grand theft auto vi all cheats game. Moreover, a lot of people demand this bike because the company provides this bike for weapons cheats GTA 4 2022 game. On the other hand, millions of people download this GTA 4 motorcycle cheats due to this bike.
Cheat Code

sultan rs gta 4 cheat

Cognoscenti Car

Finally, here we introduce a car that is used in GTA 4 spawn tank game. Without a doubt, this car has amazing features that are all available in GTA 4 cops cheat the game. Moreover, if we talk about its speed this is the world’s best car that has top-ranking speed. The company provides this car into GTA iv hacks game due to the demand of customers and the competition of the market.


Moreover, if we talk about the GTA 4 Cheats game, this is the world-famous game and most downloaded on mobile phones and PCs. On the other hand, these cheat codes are for those people who fail to complete the missions of GTA 4 lose wanted level cheat game. As well as that, for those people who don’t have time to complete the missions of GTA cheats iv game.

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